What are Vertical Overlays?

Take what you know about stamping concrete and now imagine a similar process but vertically, you can literally say that decorative concrete is going up the walls! This technology is fairly new and it is expanding, more companies are offering these products and more homeowners, architects and designers are becoming aware of what is becoming a mainstream decorative concrete application. Vertical overlays offer much to the home, you can do the outside of your house, inside walls, refurbish fireplaces, BBQ Islands, yardscapes and much more.


If you like how stamped concrete and other decorative concrete applications add value and a pleasant look to the home feel free to add Vertical Overlays to the list, some of these works are simply stunning. There is an incredible amount of detail that may be accomplish on Vertical Overlays, these products have a long working time which allows the contractor enough time to work in even the most minute details. Also, since the contractor does not have to walk on the surface as in stamped concrete and overlays, he can doa lot of hand carving details in addition to the use of texture mast, coupled with enough open time the contractor can accomplish even the most intricate design and patterns.


These new vertical overlay mixes are formulated to be applied much thickly than regular stucco mixes and without sagging, some mixes may be applied at 2" or more, this allows for stamping and carving deep patterns that look as good or better as the real thing


One thing that customers really like is the ability of these vertical overlays to deliver a one of a kind end product, better looking than pre cast rock and the realistic detail achieved with stamps, hand carving and sculpting.


Wayne Sellon of Tajmawall is another contractor specializing in stamped and hand-carved vertical overlays. "My customers like the idea that they are getting something that's one of a kind," he says. "I can beat the price of stick-on rock and provide more variety in the texture and staining process."


Vertical Overlays are also strong, may be custom colored, are easy to apply and give the contractor freedom to be as creative as they can.