Using wet honing after lithium silicate densifier

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Clay Carson

My vendor for the lithium silicate densifier told me to only grind dry after using the densifier, water might hurt it.


But I tend to like to grind wet up to the last few grits.


Anyone else have any experience with using lithium silicate and then water based diamonds?


Anything horrible happen?


Zombies appear? Warp in the Space/Time Continuum? Dinosaurs? Meteors?




Any help would be appreciated!

I woukd suggeat not to. I did

I woukd suggeat not to. I did once and the water must of made it react again and ended up with glossy spots and streaking all over the place that couldnt be removed without grinding. Was also hrad to clean it off anything including the machine. Never will do it again. Not sure if all lithiums do it though