Used Polishing Equipment - under 300 hours

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CPC Builder
Selling a Lavina 20 NS 208v concrete Grnding machine with inder 200 hours.  ($7,000 new)   Comes with weights and equipped for wet grinding.
Also selling a smaller Lavina 21-1.5 with 64 hours of use ($4,000 brand new).   This is used primarily for residential applications or when stairs limit use as the grinder is light weight comparatively speaking.   Two guys can carry or lift this machine us a set of stairs.
The two machines come owth over $3,000 of used grinding pads.   Some are new.   Both machines use the same pads with 9 heads each.  Also comes with heavy duty SQL cords and connections (200', I think).
$6,500 for entire lot.   Would consider sellign one machine.
Mike Antonetti
Nice equipment, why you

Nice equipment, why you selling? What are pros and cons of each? Your located in Oklahoma?