Undulating concrete

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Mike Antonetti

Hello, first post here I believe, I like the wide variety of options for concrete topics. I will participate and learn, thank you all.

I'm posting in the polishing section because I believe one needs to get past my situation as rapid as possible to polish concrete.

Small areas of unflat concrete I use hand grinders, but for large areas and concrete that is flat 3/16" or less in 10 ft lengths but has undulations that need flattening for a luxury vinyl plank. I have read a post here on planetary verse counter rotating. Seemed like C R was better. I believe planetary is available for rental, a TPS machine may be harder to find.

I am willing to hand grind all/most of it, but looking for a standup machine that will remove drywall compound ,grind any non plane surface.

I do have quite a bit of experience in floor prep and have dust extraction vacuums, 10" grinder(rough grinding), planer,shot blaster etc.

Any recommendations on flattening a slab with surface imperfections extremely fast?

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Dr J
flar floors

Check out the Werkmaster brand of floor grinders. and they have lots of product videos on their website.They are not a planetary machine....they will level out a floor very fast, with the right tooling.

We normally float a floor

We normally float a floor after grinding to fill in the low spots. If it really bad we use a self leveling epoxy and flood the floor, come back next day and grind flat with a planetary. Or you can trowel down with a cement based product.

In any case, you have to charge for that labor and material.

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any planetary will flatten

any planetary will flatten out your floor quick enough, as long as your diamond tooling is right. imo, . Dr j's suggestion on the workmaster will work fine also.

personally tho if your installing vinyl plank i would just lay some ardexK15 or some other SL down to get your nice flat floor you are looking for.  Good luck

Mike Antonetti
Thanks, I assumed I would get

Thanks, I assumed I would get emails to notify of replys, nice to see a few choices. I am a little familiar with werkmaster, I don't know any local source for them. I will probably end up renting a planetary to decide for future purchase. Maybe a skanmaskin 450 if not larger.