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Is grinding and polishing terrazzo similar to grinding and polishing concrete? I have a customer who needs about a 1/4" of terrazzo takes down and re polished to meet his hardwood floor height. I don't know if it's epoxy based or cement based terrazzo. He said it's about 70 years old.

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it will be cement based. And

it will be cement based. And you can polish exactly like concrete no probs. The terrazzo itslef is going to  denser so you will probably need soft bond, or super soft bond segments

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Epoxy terrazzo, to my

Epoxy terrazzo, to my knowlegde, was not introduced until sometime in the 70's.  It is also limited to interior only use; therefore, if ever run across an exterior terrazzo surface it will be a cementitious one.  

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We grind and hone/polish

We grind and hone/polish terrazzo, but taking down a quarter inch is not feasible at any price level that a human would pay.


I'd install a transition strip between the wood and terrazzo.

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Lindy A.
Why doesn't he just use

Why doesn't he just use transition strips to go down from a higher floor/terrazo to the wood floor (can buy them at any lumber yard/home improvement center (they are commonly used to go from ceramic tile floors down 1/4" to the lower level of floors the tile meets up with). 

Or overlay the existing wood floor with new hardwood ... could even remove the hardwood floor that is there, lay 1/4" sheet good/4'x8', then put the hardwood back down. 

Grinding 1/4" down on terrazzo floor woud be more time consuming and costly than ANYONE would be willing to pay.