Streaking (mop lines) after water based dye

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How does everybody address streaking caused by a micro fiber mop used to apply a water based dye for polished concrete. We used a dark color and it shows all the lines. Mop was not soaking wet, dye was applied at 100, 200, and 400. Thanks guys and gals.

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Reasons could be one of more

Reasons could be one of more of the following...

You micro-fiber mop could have had random/dried dye spots on it.

Could have had excessive moving air in the areas causing rapid drying of dye on the slab, where wet was being applied in micro mil coats over dry dye.

Applying to much or to little, in other words not evenly.

Some dyes will streak when using a roller, broom, micro-fiber; it is sometimes better to apply with a sprayer,  after drying, applying additional sprayed coats can be applied to build a mottled/color appeal. 

The use of hard water in water reduced dyes, especially in thin mil with applicators, or the rinsing/cleaning of concrete with hard water that can leave mineral deposits that show up as streaks can be an issue as well (for delution purposes or after completion for cleaning purposes.  85% of the country has hard water, I recommend the use of an in line (hose) water softner to eliminate hard water deposit streaks.  They cost less than $35.00 for the in-line water softener that you can take anywhere with you, buy replacement cartridges as needed (here is a picture of one)