Skim Coat before Epoxy?

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Im doing a grow room in a warehouse 1300 square feet. They pressure washed the floor 2 days before I came out with my chloride test domes. I feel the floorreadinhg will be high because of this. Anyway yheu did the grinding them selves. I also discovered the surface was extremely rough... And warned the customer all this texture would show through ( it's a non flake / sand floor ). I said I would skim coat it first ...but now I'm rethink my idea ... Because vapor drive could probably pop off overlay easier then Epoxy right ? Any suggestions? I'm guessing vapor seal Epoxy would only help over the slab not on top of the over lay correct? And would it be fair to say the vapor drive will just escape out side the room ? Since it's not encapsulating the whole slab .. just part of it .the whole open slab is like 5k square feet I'm doing a 1300 foot room on that slab