seams perfect primer over cutback

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Hi.  Just wanted to drop a line and say I just used the Seams Perfect Primer with Ardex SD-M mircrotopping over a very tight cutback adhesive residue.  Everything seems to be holding.  The Seams Perfect Primer rep said the bond between the portland cements and the primer is a chemical bond.  It encapsulates and works with different systems.  I used half a gallon with two coats using 1/2 inch nap on a 110 sq. ft room.  I got four gallons shipped to me for $430.  The SD-M ran me $25 a bag and I did the 110 sq. ft room with a bag.  So I'm a little over a dollar a foot.  If it holds up (which I think it will) that's a good deal.  Probably going to be close to $2 a foot by the time it's sealed.  Just wanted to spread the word about this Seams Perfect Primer stuff.  It got product of the year and some big concrete forum in 2009 or so.  I'm not a rep or anything but their a small operation competing with big names in an industry where it seems like a lot of times people find a product they like and are familiar with and then just stick with that forever and ever.  

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cost change

actually I messed up on the math.  I'm at about 75 cents per square foot right now.

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Just as an FYI ... the

Just as an FYI ... the product you are referring to is now trademarked as Perfect Primer an SSM product (previously was known as Seams Perfect). In my personal opinion, tt is an exceptional/proven alternative to time consuming/labor intense removal of mastics, cut backs, etc (ie: the name "perfect primer"), as well as being an ideal way to eliminate the use of costly/frequently hazardous/toxic/odorous strippers and all the mess that goes with removal/clean up of them.  Instead of removing, Perfect Primer encapsulates (along with primes) in an eco/green-safe manner ... when dry can apply polymer modified overlayments/toppings, industrial/commercial 100% solids epoxy (solid or decorative/metallic epoxy systems), seamless epoxy/flake floors, double broadcast seamless epoxy/colorquartz flooring, etc).  I know Scott Richards, VP at SSM Inc, quite well and have the utmost respect for his trade related knowledge, how can I help you attitude, and high performance specialty material line up (consider him a trusted friend and industry ally).