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This spring I resealed my pool deck, which has a standord knock down overlay on it.  The original sealer was a pigmented surecrete solvent based sealer and was 5 years old.  The sealer had no peeling or delamination, was just worn and faded.  I thouroughly cleaned the surface with Surecretes SCR cleaner, pressure washed and allowed to dry overnight.  I applied the same sealer in a lighter gray the next day.   I applied thin as I covered 1100 square feet with just over 6 gallons.  Fast forward two months and I have areas of sealer peeling off.  The new sealer is peeling from the original sealer.   So far it is isolated to a few areas, but I am concerned it is widespread.   I plan to touch up any areas that peel until pool season is over and address this in the spring.   I need any advice on how to best address this problem on a knock down finish with a pigmented sealer.  Stripping a surface this rough seems impossible.  Any advice that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Lindy A.
I have never used this

I have never used this company's products; however, I just visited their website, clicked on SCR cleaner ... there is a question/answer section ... one question/answer was in specific reference to pealing off of sealer applied after use of SCR ... the specific answer as cut/pasted below from their website ...

One of two things – either SCR was not applied strongly enough and your coating was unable to form a good bond with the substrate, or the SCR was left on the surface too long and formed a residue preventing a clean surface to bond to. Make sure your surface is clean before you start your new coating!

Did you call Sure Crete?  What did they tell you?


Mike Antonetti
Peeling issues seams to be

Peeling issues seams to be one of the biggest problems in this industry. I'm a novice so it's an observation. Actually it's not just the sealer but also overlays. Whether it's moisture, or not bonding well enough due to insufficient prep, what are manufacturers saying? Are they sending their reps out to inspect and protect their industry?