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I've used both Sundek and Spray-Crete products in the past, and loved their sealers/paints for textured resurface... However, I'm starting over on my own, and can't seem to find anything locally that compares and holds up for painting over resurface products. Either the sheen is off, they don't cover consistantly or allow major efflorescence. We have Sherwin Williams here which is pushing the H&C line of solid concrete stain, Porter paints, which has a concrete floor enamel... both of which I have had problems with efflorescence, but easily corrected. I'm looking at this Behr one part epoxy paint that HD has. I shot a few samples today just to test it out. Just wondering if anyone has found something non "franchise only" that works as well. I have never been a fan of putting my base and texture coats down with integral colors with a clear seal.

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There are a great many high

There are a great many high quality, leading decorative concrete companies, that have a proven (time tested) performance history (be they water or solvent based acrylics, 100% solids UV resistant Epoxies, aliphatic urethanes, polyaspartic aliphatic urethanes, etc sealers (clear or pigmented) "as well as" stains, acrylic/polymer modified cementitious materials, resurfacing systems, etc) that are custom formulated to provide maximum survival in harsh/challenging elements of nature, UV rays of the sun, shield from foreign matter staining, having sought after common chemical resistance, provide ease in cleaning/maintenance, applicator friendly, with most being environmentally safe/compliant (exception being those containing solvents that are not VOC compliant).  A vast majority of them are readily available to all contactors (are NOT "franchise only" as you put it). 

You must always keep in mind that there is no "one best" sealer for all applications ...which is why you need to know of and select the sealer that will meet or exceed the end use needs of your customers' interor or exterior surface.

Those that are available at Home Depot, Lowes, or other such home improvement stores are typically NOT the high performance type that have the physical properties required to meet the above required/desired features & benefits.

If you are focused on Sherwin Williams, you need to acquire them from a commercial SW location that has high performance sealers/coatings (NOT your standard SW paint store or homeowner type/DIY ones in big box home improvement lumberyard retail places).  Unfortuantely, you can't always gain ready access to tech/application support from many of these commercial SW locations if/when needed as compared to that of actual decorative concrete material focused manufacturer/formulators/distributors who have hands-on/field experieced tech advisors/staff. 

Shipping a quality material, specifically having the physical properties necessary to survive, being the building block and foundation of success that you need to grow your professional reputation and business, should be considered if they are not available locally ... settling for what is only available locally is not ever IMO a winning game plan (could be short lived results, and tarnish the image you want to portray and tarnish your companies future standing.  .

Where are you located?  If you need further insight, or want to discuss sealers/coatings in detail, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email message   I'll be glad to share my 30+ years of hands-on/field industry knowledge and trade related expertise with you.

I'm in Louisville Ky. There

I'm in Louisville Ky. There is no shortage of places here for most types of clear sealers. Whether it be water based, solvent based, epoxy, poly, ect. It just seems most distibutors push integral color with a clear seal for their textured resurface products. I want a waterbased acrylic polymer similar to what Sundek or Spray-Crete use. Something that will hold up for several years.

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McKinnon Materials Inc.

McKinnon Materials Inc.  has a high performance waterbased single component pigmented sealer, trade name "Color Coat. "  Factory/readily available colors: white, blanched almond, cocoa parfait, buff, berleywood, beige, bull gray, light gray.  Material cost is low, performance is high, long lasting/proven protective sealer solution.  "Color Coat" is also available in a solvent based formulation. Lowest cut to the bone discounted freight rates in the industry, same day order processing/shipping.  McKinnon Materials is one of our DCF valued supporters/advertisers. Having worked with experienced team at McKinnon's myself since 1981 (in reference to field/application experience of their materials) I can attest to the high level of friendly/supportive customer service and wide realm of propriotary performance engineered materials they formulate/supply.

***Note custom colors are also available by special order; however, there is a 30 gallon minimum for custom colors.

Contractor's master price list, including the water based clear and pigmented Color Coat sealer (as well as solvent based alternative); along with listing & cost of all other materials, products, sealers/coatings resurfacing systems, etc ... tech data/specifications/application guidelines/coverage rates, materials estimates with shipping quotes, and other detailed info ... will all be promptly provided upon request.  If you give Michel, office manager, a call or drop her an email message:, she will promptly attend to your individualized needs in a friendly/professional/efficient manner ... please advise her if/when you opt to do so that you learned of McKinnon's on the DCF.