removing acrylic floor finishes

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 I've got an upcoming project to remove the acrylic floor finish, yet keep the seal on the floor so I can apply paste wax. Is there a strong enough product to remove the finish yet keep the floor sealer intact ? Thnx, Concretop

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I'm not quite following your

I'm not quite following your line of thought (question) ... when you say "remove the floor finish" (this sounds as it it is some sort of wax; if so, do you know brand name or type of wax/floor finish it is). 

What type of sealer is applied under the "floor finish" you are referring to (water or solvent based low resin content 20-35% solids acrylic, 100% solids Industrial UV resistant Epoxy, a low solids waterborne urethane, a high solids aliphatic urethane, MMA, or something else)?

Can't answer your question as to best ways/means to remove the "floor finish" without your being more specific as to type/brand, as well as your advising the type of sealer that the "floor finish" has been applied over.

removing acrylic floor finish

  Lindy- thanks for the attempt , apologies for the vagueness. Short answer is ..... i don't know. I'm assuming it was a mop on similar to Chem-Coat or Kemiko's high solids floor finish, and again I'll assume it was applied over a 20-25% solvent based acrylic sealer. It seems the top is scratching and thats what the client is unhappy with. They don't know the products utilized on their floor.      Different direction: Would high speed burnishing be a solution ?   Concretop

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Lindy A.
As per our phone

As per our phone conversation, there may be a high enough build of some kind of wax for burnishing to do the job ... if not, you will have to strip the wax.  Go to a janitorial supply store to get stripper (you will find those that are eco-friendly/solvent free which would be less apt to eat or damage a low solids water or solvent based acrylic (as opposed to a stripper that contains solids).  Then re-apply new wax, perhaps a hard shell burnished type.

You may find after you strip the wax that you may need to apply another coat of sealer, since you don't know what original sealer was applying a higher quality sealer over the surface could create a compatibility issue (such as 100% solids clear UV resistant Industrial Epoxy.... or a PAP; which if doing either you would need to strip the original sealer).

You could apply a wax over the Epoxy (optional, as a sacrificial finish coat) ... PAPs are hard shell, 4-5 times more wear/abrasion resistant than Epoxy, and never require costly/labor intense/ongoing floor waxs to maintain a high reflective gloss.

Basically ...

Option 1 ... try buffing the existing wax

Option 2 ... strip the existing wax, then apply a hard shell burnished wax better performance

Option 3 ... strip the existing wax and sealer then do either 3A or 3B

3A ... apply 100% solids UV resistant clear Industrial Epoxy sealer (waxing optional)

3B ... apply Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea (PAP) clear (high gloss or satin) that never requires wax)

If you have any further questions/concern about the above either give me a call 254-498-6635 or drop me an email message