Protecting epoxy reflector floor

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We have just gotten into applying elitecrete reflector epoxy floors, and we are under the impression that we should apply wax coats to protect the floor.

A few questions:

1. Before applying wax, does the epoxy need to be prepped in anyway? ( besides it obviously needing to be clean)....for example does it need to be abraded in any way or can it simply be applied after the epoxy cures enough for foot traffic.

2. Is there a problem with using a sealer like a urethane to protect it instead (it seems to me that while that might be a little more expensive up front, it would be relatively maintenance free)

3. If anyone is familiar with ZEP commercial wax, is that a decent wax to use? Or should we be using something else.

Thanks for your time.

Well now your really getting

Well now your really getting to the crux of the matter. Wax is soft and scratches easily. Wax is supposed to be a wear layer. Those floors should have an aliphatic urethane protective coat on them then wax.  I think those floors are very beautifull but how do they look after a few years? Anything that glossy will show every scuff and imperfection.

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Any way you look at it wax is

Any way you look at it wax is a sacrificial finish coat that requires attention to re-application (how frequently will depend on the end use of the floor and the elements is will be subjected to)   Eventually you will have wax build up, requiring you to strip the wax (more labor,costs, time and rental of floor buffing/burnishing equipment if you dont' already own it) be you can apply new one.  This represents a costly, labor intense, ongoing commitment over the lifetime of the floor ... few property owners (residential or commercial) will continue to wax on a routine/needed basis, their floor will take on a damages/uncared for image, and they will point the finger of blame at you (when they should be looking in the mirror at themselves as to lack or proper care and maintenance).  Personally, I recommmend that a shielding/protective coat of polyaspartic aliphatic polyurethane (PAP) be applied over 100% Epoxy floors (including those with metallic/3D additives in them). PAP, are characteristically 4 to 5 times more wear/abrasion resistant than 100% solids Epoxy's, will maintain their gloss (no need to wax), and will outshine/outlast/outperform alternatives ... there is a process/method that will take them from a high gloss (as is characteristic of them) down to a satin or even a matter if this is desired instead of a high gloss.  What further details, feel free to give me a call (number at top of each DCF forum page) or drop me an email message:

Continuous pavements!

In order to protect this kind of floors we used the ehelp of a company which offreed us continuous pavements.


Great solution!