porous v nonporous substrate

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Hi Lindy and whoever else,

I just wanted to touch base one more time over here before going ahead with my plan because I'm wondering if some of the floor should get primer for porous substrate.  I've attached a few pics of my floor to give you an idea.  As you will see, there is quite a large portion that does not have any cutback or anything on it.  I got Ardex P82 Ultraprime primer for non-porous substrates and I'm getting ready to coat the floor in that.  (I went with the P82 because it's half the price of the Perfect Prime).  Should I hold up and get P51 for absorbant substrates and then sort of hand paint it onto the larger areas that don't have cutback that you see in the photos?  It should be noted that when I put a tablespoon of water on the porous patches, the water does NOT absorb into the concrete oddly enough.  So this means it non-absorbent right?  I've been told that by default, it's porous but that maybe it's very tight so that is the reason that it doesn't absorb water.  Am I worrying too much about this?  The white spots are the places where there is no cutback adhesive.  It's just the original slab that was layed down.  And not to worry, it's not crumbling or anything there.  I've scraped all the loose stuff off so it's all solid.