paid a lot of money for concrete countertops and the owner ruined them

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hi we trusted a company and lady to do our countertops there were so many issues with them and the owner came over to fix them because there were roller marks on the ones from the sealer and she sanded the area down and it's super glossy in that area now compared to a stone look everywhere else. We told her not to do anything if it will look worse then she assured us it wouldn't and sure enough it stands out so badly it looks so glossy and glassy. she said they can come back over and fix it but that's what she was supposed to do the first time. I am so upset on how unprofessional she is being when she has so much experience. Overall I like the edges and look of them but for the amount of money we spent there should not be so many roller marks, scratches and more. I am mainly concerned on the glossy section what do you think?

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Yes you do sound upset. What is unprofessional about trying to fix rollermarks? I don't know of a finisher who hasn't encountered this issue somewhere over the course of doing business. It is a small issue to remedy. Lots of times with roller lines it takes a few tries to get rid of them. Sealers are very finicky especially when you are working with a countertop, as the product is SOOOO visible and close to the face. The glossy area is close to the window right? Give your installer a chance to get it right. Being unprofessional doesn't mean that problems won't occur, it means that they wouldn't care to fix them and stick you with something. Also they may understand the problem will work out with just a bit of time. Being upset will not fix anything. Too much gloss can be haven't stated anything about what the finisher is trying to do to rectify it. Let us know that. We could use some info on that. Oh and by the did the countertops get ruined?????An issue with the sealer is just that but ruined????