My problem with elite crete systems.

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In reference to fine metallic

In reference to fine metallic that is added to 100% solids clear UV resistant industrial epoxy (about 4 to 6 ounces per gallon) that results in a highly reflective, shimmering, 3D movement like surface I recommend that you check out Aurora Epoxy Dust of manufacturer McKinnon Materials (a DCF valued advertiser/supporter). I have personally had pleasure of working with McKinnon's since 1981 and always found their materials/products/systems to be high quality and provide maximum degree of longevity/performance. Low manufacturer direct to contractor pricing and cut to the bone highly discounted freight rates, further complimented by hands-on experienced tech assistance and same day shipping, are stellar.  If you go to Forum catergory "Market Place," click on sub-category "Merchandise Specials," you will find "Aurora Epoxy Dust."  If/when you contact McKinnon Materials please let them know that you learned of their Aurora Dust Epoxy on the DCF.  Happy trails.  If I can shed any more light on the subject let me know.

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