My problem with elite crete systems.

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It seems that this so called elite crete has gotten a hold of some of my photos. And have been using my photos with out my permission in their email blasts web sites and brochures. And in the brochure they have lied to their faith full distributors and anyone else interested in doing reflector floors. On how I did the floor. I have asked them many times to stop using my photos and even emailed the owner himself. Just another case of the big biz taking something from the hard working, not caring on who they hurt in the process just all about the almighty dollar. If any uses reflector and wants to know where to get the same exact colors and material @ a cheaper price and you also get 3 times the material feel free to email me.

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Lindy A.
I'm going to steer clear of

I'm going to steer clear of you primary issue, which is a private matter between you and Elite Crete corporate; however ...
I recommend that all contractors watermark their photos (in Texas I refer to as "branding them as mine);" is more of a deterring option than 100% eliminating of incidents one.
I was told at one time that you can copyright photos in an "image editor" or you can put them in "File Info" with PS (although I have never tried doing so).
You can register your photos with the US Copyright Office (put all jpeg photos on CD and copyright them for $30.00
To learn more about watermarking and copyrighting suggest your go to where you will find two very informative articles that will walk you though how to do watermark and copyright ... "Watermarking your Images in Photoshop Action" and "Copyrighting your Images."
Lindy A.

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not me, mz lindy,,, straight

not me, mz lindy,,, straight into hell - so eliteCrete's using YOUR pics ? howzabout posting some purloin'd pics so we can ALL see ? which brochure, the old 8-sheet or the new architectural floor 1.

perhaps a better place to post this complaint'd be in the blue forum,,, w/o a doubt, that'd certainly get everyone's attn.

best [the original] listening-to-1-side's-easy yic-yac

ps - far's i know, corp owner's a woman

pps - less expensive or just cheaper ?

i am unable to cipher your

i am unable to cipher your message itsreallyconcrete but anyway here is the brochure that uses 3 pics of mine and blatantly lies about how the work was done the 3 pics with the tile look are mine using reflector

the pic wont load so hers the

the pic wont load so hers the link its right on the front page of the elite cretes web site midway down says REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems Brochure: back side of it

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wtf ? are you serious ? try

wtf ? are you serious ? try this -,,, there was no hidden code in that post - sure you meant to use ' cipher ' ? ? ? maybe the reason you can't get eC to act as you'd like is they can't understand you,,, proper english useage is sliding downhill geometrically fast & we're becoming quikly a nation unable to communicate w/each other.

{{{ pardon this digression - 'fore anyone starts throwin' rocks, i write phonetically,,, if some're too slow or stupid to understand, klik on the next thread - they also have trouble w/cereal box copy, too,,, does mercedes advertise/solicit folks who buy chiv-ro-lays ( brock yates coin'd that word - not me ) ? }}}

look'd at the brochure - - is that the 1 ? caption sez that work's in detroit - 400m from you,,, if eC's mtl IS on the floor, they can use to illustrate the general final look w/o attribution,,, now, while its possible eC lied about process or mtl, its also possible none of those pictures are of your work since all you've done is make an unsubstantiated accusation,,, if you're right, SUE THE BASTARDS - its the american way ;-) just be sure you've got a case,,, i suspect there isn't & this thread's more to salve your street creds than face 'em in court.

never did ask & shouldda - you post'd ' so called elite crete has gotten a hold of some of my photos ',,, how do you suspect eC got them ? its public space so why burgle your briefcase or flashcard ? think the paparazzi took 'em but national enquirer pass'd on your story in favor of clinton's blue dress or tiger woods auto accident ?

look at this POSITIVELY - they used YOUR work ! ! ! that's FANTASTIC ! CONGRATULATIONS ! WOW ! rather'n whine, bitch, & piss into the wind on a forum relatively few read, flood every architect, designer, & hi-end blder in town w/those brochures,,, jump onto eC's wagon so fast their grand high kahuna'll be shamed into handing out a FOURTH red hat award ! ! !

best [the original] would-YOUR-attorney-take-the-case-w/o-retainer yic-yac

ps - when was that work at henry ford hospital ?

pps - even an e-mail ? you'e kidding, right ? an f'n E-MAIL TO CEASE & DESIST ? this whole thread's gotta be a joke & i fell for it - good 1 on me ;-)

I knew you would have alot to

I knew you would have alot to say. They got my pictures from my local distributor. (I never took the Elite crete class) gimmick. I wasn't about to pay $250 to someone to teach me about something he himself had less knowledge about. So in return he wanted to see pictures of my work. Then he sent them to elite crete. Funny thing appartly when he did send them to (elite crete) my name and location where across the bottom of the picture. They removed it. I don't care what you say about the publicity of it being on their websites and such. If my name is not on it how does anyone know who did it.

I know you, yourself are on the so called band wagon. I have been over to their forums occasionally. I can see by all the pictures that telling people how to do it and making samples are what they do best few jobs on there have a turn out Id pay for.

And as for your few people looking at this here well many have contacted me on this. And this is just where I started. See I work for a living those pictures they took and are using didn't just appear, I had to create that it took time. My time was limited in the year but its becoming more abundant since winter has arrived so now time is on my side.

But thanks for your feed back its always good for a chuckle

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good for you but my comment

good for you but my comment stands - sue the bastards,,, think you may also have a cause of action against the distributor rather'n corp,,, then again, advocacy's how atty's earn their living - please keep us informed,,, this wouldn't be the 1st time artisan's work's been shown on competitor's sites in this craft.

whether or not training class's're a ' gimmick ' is opinion,,, never hide our use of eC exclusively for dec conc,,, the few times we've ventur'd outside of the blue its come back to bite us in the ***.

' I can see by all the pictures that telling people how to do it and making samples are what they do best few jobs on there have a turn out Id pay for ' - think i know what you mean but that's a 1.5 sentence,,, ' many ' isn't a quantifiable amount nor would ' everyone ' count - they're subjective words - no definition.

let's chuckle together,,, unauthorized use of intellectual property/trademarks is serious unless, as i recall, you're joe biden or ted kennedy.

best [the original] we're-on-the-same-side yic-yac

Elite Crete is known for

Elite Crete is known for this, for years they used other people's pictures claiming they were their work, in addtion to bully tactics and a bunch of other lies.
it is nice to see soemone slam them, go MIATUK let them have it

Creter Creature

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rising tides lift all

rising tides lift all boats,,, sinking 1 of the largest won't cause your/my/our life to inprove a bit.,,, its easiest, of course, to throw rocks/bombs from the relative safety of anonymity as many do,,, wonder why that is - should they be given air time ? does creter have ANY credibility ?

best [the original] how's-your-life-improved-since-decosup-left ? yic-yac

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I was going to just let this

I was going to just let this dribble die but......
Elite Crete HQ called me and asked permission to use my photos. (I'm on the front page). I didn't have any problems with it. I'm sure there's more to this attempted smear campaign. I thought they could of actually used a better project photo than what they did use of yours as I didn't personally find it that great of a project. So be it.

As far as your observation of new installers posting their completed first projects on the locator.... shame on you. These guys are proud of their first jobs and want recognition and pointers on how to better themselves.

Sure, some of these finished photos are less than perfect but I see the positive side and give helpful hints on improving their techniques. You know as well I as do some of these customers want textures and colors that I wouldn't have at my house but, you give them what they want.

Hope you the best in your endeavors and if you make it to the WOC, stop by the artistry demo and look me up. I'd like to meet the person with the chip on his shoulder. ec-Indy

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its not quite that easy,

its not quite that easy, gene,,, these're VERY serious allegations imn-s-hfo,,, so much so i call'd 'tuk to have a private conversation & let him know i was on his side IF his charges were true,,, after all, 400m isn't far if the job's right,,, he didn't return the call for whatever reason.

can't tell if this thread's just 'tuk & creter acting like ***holes, strawdogs for someone else, OR tuk's sincere,,, there's no pics to prove his point after 4 days,,, if he had post'd pics, its easy to start a new thread & post 'em but impossible to add pics to an existing post - a forum issue.

nevertheless, his unsubstantiated charge stands & presents a quandary { btw, not an african-american cultural celebratory event },,, is 'tuk correct in his indictment of eC, has someone else set up 'tuk as a stalking horse, OR has 'tuk set himself up for a countersuit incl liable charges & damages ? at least 'tuk's got a profile but creter hides in the back alley of anonymity.

best [the original] where's-perry-mason-when-we-need-'im yic-yac

I guess to each his own gene.

I guess to each his own gene. Because I don't care much at all for the exercise club floor. I suppose it may have been wrong for me to state that about some of the work over on the other site. (just an opinion) And as far as them being proud of their work. That's great so am I its my life. Unlike you and others I don't have others working for me I do most jobs myself. Therefore I don't want others using MY PICTURES without my permission especially on such a new and competitive product. I did the job not Elite Crete, so ya it pisses me off. I have been on estimates here where on two occasions the customer asked if i was affiliated with elite crete because an elite crete guy was here and he said he DID MY JOBS and showed him my pictures. I had someone call elite crete asking who did the work on the brochure (MY PHOTOS) They gave him the number to an elite crete guy here in my state. Did not say my name or give him my number. Now that is pure BULLSH**. And as far as me coming to your booth maybe elite crete can fly me down there. But otherwise I don't see it happening.

And as far as you calling me. You must not have left a message on who you where and what you wanted. I did have a message from an out of stater I just thought it was a telemarketer call again I talk to ya.

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OK, let me get this straight.

OK, let me get this straight. You're a hard worker that's understaffed. You went to a local Elite Crete distributor and purchased some materials and used them. Never attended a certification class, Gave him your photos....
Have I got it straight?

I think you should talk to the guy you had given your pics to. It sounds like thats where this misunderstanding started.

Oh, I wasn't dissing the photo you state that's yours on quality or composition. I just thought they're more appropriate finished projects that show case the Reflector Enhancer. ec-Indy

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another 2 calls to 'tuk late

another 2 calls to 'tuk late yesterday - both times, now a total of 3, left name & #,,, this forum's post's just words so far - nothing else,,, you've no obligation to return my calls so its still your post w/no details - only charges,,, the more you post details it appears your issue's w/your local eC distributor/sub-distributor rather'n eC corp.

best [the original] can-only-see-what-you-post yic-yac

Well not really gene but

Well not really gene but thats expected. Less people less error less bitchin and no excusses. theres hundreds of cementheads lookin for work I would just rather do it alone or with my one guy.

I didnt give anyone anything. I sent them via email to be looked at not sold or reproduced etc. I have talked to the guy here and he has agreed not to use them. I have also talked your guys who think for some reason have a right to just keep using them. They even gave me the bs line you just did talk to the distributor we cant help what he did. (Well hey jackass hes not using them you Elite Crete) are they are not his they are not yours. They are mine. So tell me who should be using them? elite crete because I used a $30 powder and absolutly nothing else of theirs on any of the floors I have done.

The epoxy is local. The grout which they tell you is thin finnish is not its a premix from HOME DEPOT HAHA and the top coat is from INCRETE.

So basicly ELITE CRETE has the least amount of product in each of the floors. How ironic.

ps I called ya back

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'tuk, sorry we couldn't talk

'tuk, sorry we couldn't talk more,,, looks like you've got a project on your plate & no one can forecast the outcome,,, certainly helps posting it here, tho,,, if there's 1 thing companies do NOT like, its bad publicity !

best [the original] keep-on-their-folder's-not-printed-on-paper yic-yac

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thought there might be more

thought there might be more to this than originally posted/suggested,,, rcd this e-mail today & will quote part of it,,, sender thought better of posting it after a nite's sleep,,, since this forum's always about fairness ;-) its worth reading.

' You approached a new distributor and sweet talked him into selling you can of Reflector (which he isn't suppose to), so you could source out a cheaper product line. (BY the way, the crap stuff you are sending people to isn't the same far.) I guess that's why I thought the "supposed" picture in question looked so dull and lifeless.

In your wisdom, or should I say lack of, you send off photos to this guy to show him you were worthy of your purchase with the hint of attending his class. Nothing was said of not using them. You had your head too far in the clouds to even think of that.

You were bragging to him about the product. Now the newly appointed distributor sends these photos off to HQ. HQ, thinking this was another project using Reflector Enhancer. Because of the composition they made room on their on line flier. You are not smart enough to take advantage of this. All you want to expound on how this huge company took advantage of poor little me....... dumbazz. If there's proof this is your project... (still haven't seen that) Then I hope they do take it off this "very small" bit of on line advertising they are doing. '

since art's the only moderator w/delete power, guess its a fair bet this thread won't disappear soon,,, however, that also means anyone's free to bash ANY paying sponsor from now on,,, historically, did have thoughts there were forum favorites & some ( 1 ) not-so-favorite,,, fortunately i'd like to be proven wrong.

best [the original] never-believe-the-newspaper's-headlines-til-a-week-later yic-yac

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Lindy A.
John (yic-yac) ... you know

John (yic-yac) ... you know that I am a self-professed fence sitter, always striving to be fair and unbiased, while going the extra yard to keep the DCF networking community sailing on an even keel. You're insinuating that either I, or Art, play favorites in any way/shape/form is insulting and untrue. I could dig up dirt that was long ago gone, forgotten, and buried; but. I would NEVER stoop to such a low level that serves no purpose whatsoever and only further muddies the waters. Whatever has occurred pertaining to this issue is not your or my business, it is between Contractor and the powers that be that were directly involved (as in court, outside opinions are hearsay and not relevant).
On another note SUPPLIER has EVER been attacked; nor, will that EVER be the case ... if you are inferring this in reference to Elite Crete of Toronto (as it seems you are), please take note that we and countless others hold Chris Gabbard/EC Distributor there in the highest regard in reference to his integrity, professionalism, industry knowledge, and his ability to stand tall and strong. Neither he, or his EC distribution center were involved; in fact I doubt he is even aware of all the water that has flowed under the bridge up to now (he has business as usual to concentrate on, instead of playing politician).
Lindy A.

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im-n-s-h-fo, self-professed

im-n-s-h-fo, self-professed fence sitters get trampled by both sides altho you've support'd dec conc & paps,,, i never inferred anything - that's always been the province of the ( reader-listener ),,, did i involve eC toronto ? - not a bit - don't even know him & wouldn't if he pass'd me on the st in his rolls OR tried to bum some $ for coffee

personally, i dislike sponsor bashing of anyone altho its evident some can take cheap drive-by shots & exposed targets while not being totally candid,,, historically, it was about this time last yr genedean & i got boot'd by art,,, we often fondly remember groveling for safe passage,,, buy you a beer at woc ! ! ! ;-) even art :-)

best [the original] still-a-racist-to-a-moderator ? yic-yac

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Lindy A.
Besides striving to be

Besides striving to be non-biased, I am left over from the past "piece-nik," that always tries to steer clear of battle zones (particularly those that are none of my business). Your statement about attack of Supplier/Sponsor "made this issue personal," since again this has NEVER been and NEVER will be the case was certainly implied by you IMO (since there is a EC Toronto Distributor) that is a highly respected Supplier/Sponsor and friend/industry ally (as I stated above); who has the good business sense to stay out of the fray.
I think that this entire issue should be dropped, it is totally pointless ... let's just concentrate on all having a Happy Holiday season and go on to a New Year with a clean slate.
One more thing ... what on earth did your mysterious salutation mean (still-a-racist-to-moderator, yic-yac); I know that you are not either of these; just a highly opinionated, non-fence sitter (doubt there is any fence that has ever slowed you down or kept you out of any place you wanted to get into), as well as someone that does have a firm grip on the experience/knowledge side of the industry.
Don't want there to be any lingering dissension between us, so again, lets just go on with business as usual and bury this issue once and for all (leaving it to only those that are actually concerned parties. Enough said.
Lindy A.

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completely agree, art - mz

completely agree, art - mz lindy - & thanks for the posts,,, you will recall i suggest'd ' sue the bas***** ', right ?

however, a ' legitimate complaint ' has more than 1 version,,, its my understanding there was a resolution to this issue however 1 side's chosen to air the complaint publicly,,, i don't speak for eC - never have - nor anyone other'n myself,,, that being said, if & when words're public, that invites commentary,,, ' obviously been deceived ' is based on 1 VIEWONLY as nothing's been been posted as an apposing opinion/view from other party(ies) involved.

best [the original] probably-not-a-fence-sitter yic-yac

ps - beer for all involv'd at woc

pps - is 506 views a record ? ? ? :-)

Mike Murray
I really dont care about this

I really dont care about this but if I could get free beer from John I might post & try set record since im coming to WOC

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look fwd to that, mike, &

look fwd to that, mike, & anyone else since this is my last woc.

best [the original] be-good-to-put-faces-on-names yic-yac

Can I get a free beer too? I

Can I get a free beer too? I will trade a partial bottle of reflector for it!!!!

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Oh great...... Now all my

Oh great...... Now all my Reflector cans I have to do the Artistry Demo will turn into empty beer cans.... sheesh.

Hmmmm, Maybe I'll order extra jars of Reflector.

gene ec-Indy

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mr vibra, trading, even a

mr vibra, trading, even a partial bottle of reflector, negates ' free beer ',,, therefore, because of your gross inability to understand ' FREE ' together w/your widely known capacity to consume staggering quantities of the amber stuff, i am forced to withdraw the offer to you, mr vibra,,, just bought a new house & i'll be damn'd if you're going to be the cause of any forelosure ;-) 'sides, we all know your prices're outrageous - free reflector, indeed ! ! !

best [the original] we'll-still-include-moderators-in-training-tho yic-yac

ps - a happy/prosperous new year to all incl cozzie

itsreallyconcrete Been kinda

Been kinda busy but I read your post now and am quite amused.
Regardless of how I got the material the fact of the matter is someone is using something of mine with out my permission and it ticks me off. I dont see the problem with me expressing my gripe.

You can try to badger me by saying I have no proof or I sweet talked the guy into selling it to me or what ever. That has nothing to do with my complaint.Even if i would have found it in the gutter and used it or even bought it from a 3rd or 4th5th even party. The fact still stands that the company is using pictures of my work that I did without my consent. Which is wrong.

So I stopped using their product why should i feed the mouth of liers. So I found another place to get it. Now you badger that and try to sway others from looking elsewhere lol You come up with your own lie on how the pic is in question because of its dullness. Well the pic is that of EC reflector. The other company that also sells it sells the same thing looks the same and does the same thing. I have many pictures of jobs I have done with this other company's product to prove that. Its all the same and I am pretty sure that EC buys it from the same maker. Out of the 30 plus emails I got wondering where I got the material a number of them will see that it is the same

If my jobs are so bad and in question for the skill and integrity. Why can I find them on almost everyone of ECs distributor web sites including their main site why do they go out on a weekly email blasts to countless contractors why are they on ECs fb page and so on

I don't question my work or even who I am my work is just fine. And also the situation was never resolved. They continue as do I :)

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let's put this to rest - no

let's put this to rest - no one has trouble w/anyone expressing concern/anger/complaints,,, however, in fairness, 1-sid'd posts're self-serving &, it follows, don't state both positions,,, not to be self-serving, but, to the best of my knowledge, i've never spoken for eliteCrete,,, if you think these responses are such, suggest you head back to a better school.

' regardless of how [ you - I ] got the material the fact of the matter is someone is using ' photographs of eC mtl & YOUR work which YOU supplied TO them,,, be as tick'd off as you like, YOU gave 'em the pics ! as an aside, its really nice to meet & know the creator of eC's publish'd works,,, few're such accomplish'd artisans to be the target of so much theft !

far's who ACTUALLY makes eC's rfr, i've no idea nor do i care - same w/schofield, butter-something, shure-stuff, even mz lindy's silver bullet,,, for all most of us really know, all this stuff's just gold-medal flour, white peanut dust, & floor sweepings from the lady's room at gold's gym,,, its like shapespeare's ' rose is a rose is a rose ! ', no ? if your stuff's so hot, put the name out there ( here ).

sounds as if the situation's been resolv'd - its a picture of THEIR mtl & 1 artisan's ability to make it perform as he wants,,, suck it up & move on OR continue your rant !

best [the original] next-time-send-'em-card-NOT-a-picture yic-yac

ps - i didn't build the Cathedral shown on our w-site in case you're wonderin' - all we did was repoint & wtrproof it !

pps - 748 views & still countin' - if it hits 1,000, free beer to ALL posters - even art ( not brad, of course ! )

Mike Murray
Like I said before I could

Like I said before I could care less but its sure getting close to free beer so I had to post

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mike, for all the posts,

mike, for all the posts, doubtful it'll put a large hole into a $ 20,,, just happen'd to think - after all these yrs, what about those folk tryin' to duplicate the mona lisa ? shouldn't they also be sued ? ? ? does this mean no pics at disney 'cause schofield might come after you ?

best [the original] if-you-don't-want-it-copied-don't-publish-it yic-yac

Methinks itsreallyconcrete

Methinks itsreallyconcrete doth protest too much.

itsreallyconc's picture
' Methinks ' ? ? ? i really

' Methinks ' ? ? ?

i really don't give a f-f but if you're gonna bash, be sure your stuff's right 'fore you make an *** outta yourself !

best [the original] even-art-&-mz-lindy's-forum-gets-defended yic-yac

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Well the closer we get to

Well the closer we get to that 1000 post mark, the thirstier I get. ;) gene

Mike Murray
John You are going to lose I

You are going to lose I will be at the artistry in concrete too so just stop by grab me and Gene buy us drinks and tell everyone else you won super bowl tickets and had to leave for Florida

It's Shakespeare, dufus, now

It's Shakespeare, dufus, now give the man back his pix before he sues your ass for copyright infringement.

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IF you've been readin' & can

IF you've been readin' & can understand english, zeppie, sue the bastards if you think you've got a case ! ! !

mike, gene got his beer yestrday,,, we'll be out there in that area again at 2 either w/gene or hlg's stand-in, demus.

saw art but he's the only 1 from the forum - look for the eC red had today in the bldg opposite gene/hlg's area.

best [the original] waiting-for-a-cold-one yic-yac

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1st impression from woc after

1st impression from woc after a 18yr absence ( atl ) next yr, it'll be call'd ' world of husqvarna ' ! ! !

best [the original] those-guys're-buyin'-everything yic-yac

ps - saw hlg's brother - he owns a red shirt ;-)

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just for the record - gene

just for the record - gene got his beer !

while standing next to a rope line, noticed mike miller was on the other side,,, but the wrong mike miller - this guy was from east-oshkosh or b-f egypt,,, apologies to the forum's mike - can i send you a leftover slot voucher for $ 15.25 good for ny-ny to make amends ?

best [the original] better-ck-pockets-next-time yic-yac

Mike Murray
John Sorry I missed you "

Sorry I missed you " well really the beer " I stopped by where Gene was doing his epoxy but he must have been at the beer garden with you.
Guess I will catch you next time I fly through Atlanta .

Even though the attendance was down it was nice to see some old friends and wish I could have seen you. ( hope that doesn't sound funny)
Did get to visit with Art looks like he is doing okay
Got to also visit with Ken Freestone I always enjoy talking with Ken about the business , for those who don't know him he has wealth of knowledge.
Also got to visit with Frank Lewis and Bob Harris and his wife for a minute or too it was also good to see Jack Christian back in our business.
Only got to speak to Joe Nasvk for couple of minutes but us guys that have been around for awhile know Joe and what great decorative contractor he was.
Saw Ned Shea who worked with Brad Bowman even before Joe did
Got to talk with Buddy Rhodes and his wife Susan he also is a good guy.
ACI certifications and WOC take too much time
Hope you got to visit with Mike Miller he did a lot of the work in Vegas and he is really the one who brought stains back into the market great guy.
Just too bad Lindy missed this one as I think I will support Bent and his efforts and leave WOC for awhile

What did you like about the show maybe its not having Lindy there that made it different

What I saw in spite of what comes out of Washington its going to be tough year and we will have to work hard for sure.
Since I missed the beer how about and Gin and tonic

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Lindy A.
I really missed seeing long

I really missed seeing long time friends like you/Mike, Joe Nasvik, and countless others who over the years I have formed lasting friendships and bonds with; and of course, my friend/ally Art. Then there are all those that are part of our DCF networking community that attended that I would have really liked to be able to put a face with voices & posts ...but, oh well, family first) had to be here to take care my my grandfather (more like a father to me my entire life), who has been hospitalized for about 6 weeks now (I have to sign off on all medical treatments/etc).
He has been treated all this time at a local public hospital, where he has received the best of medical care, TLC of caring nursing staff, where everyone exhibited so much kindness, understanding, and concern. This past weekend, he had a stroke, on top of everything else, and he was transferred to a VA hospital about 45 miles away ... what a RUDE awakening; those that work at the VA hospital there are like robots, doing a government job, herding people thorough like cattle, exhibiting little to no real concern or TLC, and hard to even corral long enough to get answers to my questions/concerns ... our Nations veterans deserve so much better than this for serving our country (grandpa is a retired Major/Air Force pilot). I'm determined I am going to find a crack in their infrastructure; there must be a heart in there somewhere, guess I just have to stick to my guns (without my creating a war zone with them there).
Lindy A.

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sorry to hear of his health

sorry to hear of his health problems, mz lindy,,, difficult as it is to see our lov'd ones subject'd to that level of care, welcome to the natl health system,,, never expect private care or concern from public employees.

best [the oroginal] they-only-do-their-job yic-yac

Mike I will have a booth at

Mike I will have a booth at the Ar. Ready-mix Association. Would love to show you my world headquarters. I will buy the beer!!!

Mike Murray
Sounds good we should get

Sounds good we should get there about 4:30 Friday we have a materials class at PSU that morning and then heading down.
are you going to the races Saturday night also?
Look forward to the beer John hasn't been around much since WOC
I wonder if he took off for Scotland

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mike, what do they race over

mike, what do they race over there, hogs ? ? ?

if brad's buyin' beer, that's tempting enuff to get me outta the keys to drive over,,, will glams be there, too ?

best [the original] &-1-gin-&-tonic-for-mikey yic-yac

ps - the bride wants to visit fr again,,, never cared especially for frogs but now w/20% muslim, any visit there seems more improbable,,, i'd go back to scotland in a heartbeat, tho

Gee mike I though I was going

Gee mike I though I was going to miss you because you were getting here so late...until my girl just informed me that the trade show was Friday night.....Humm......guess I will take one for the team......Yes will probably go to the track. Post time is 1 o'clock Sat.

Sun we race horses. In fact

Sun we race horses. In fact one of the biggest races ever is set to take place April 9th here at Oaklawn Park. A 5 mil purse between Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta.

Chris - We didn't give your

Chris - We didn't give your pictures to Elite Crete and you know this. I don't appreciate you slamming us whether intentional or unintentional. And you didn't have your pictures watermarked! I watermarked them for you with your name, city and state. So now the record is straight. You should go after those bastards!

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vibe, did you leave kimmy

vibe, did you leave kimmy standing at a Church or something ?

best [the original] i-never-dated-a-kim-either-i-don't-think yic-yac

EDIT NUMERO UNO - or maybe its just a monthly thing ?

Don't know Kimmy.....and am a

Don't know Kimmy.....and am a little confused about the involvement in the reflector picture that EC hijacked and started this whole stink.

I do know that there is no franchise or buy in with EC and if Kimmy is out one dime other than wholesale product and a little marketing expense then she might have a right to be pissed. I have a couple of Regional guys that are doing very well....and they did not buy in to anything....a gift from the least that is what I was given. Peace…………

Reflector concrete epoxy

Yes, please tell me where I can get the reflector.