Mix Design For The Bottom Of The World?

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Hi guys,


Awesome website and fantastic knowledge out there. You all do some amazing work.

I am based in New Zealand and I am looking to g down the line of doing vertical overlays but need a mix design.  I have looked at all of the pre bagged mixes but it would cost a fortune to ship it to New Zealand.  I am hoping that someone may have a mix design that I can make up here myself.  I already do a lot of overlays on the ground but it looks as though there are some additives used to get it to sit up on the walls and not slump and also retardeents maybe to make it set slower?


Any help you could give me would be great.



Thanx for your wonderful

Thanx for your wonderful support with good website which is full of knowledge and creativity.

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Here are some past responses

Here are some past responses to your quest over the years on DCF ... keep in mind that there is much to be said for the quality control that comes from materials/products manufacturers' produce, but understand your position ...

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I know how to mix my own

I know how to mix my own overlay, here is the recipe.
Using a 44 0z cup this will make a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full.
3 cups of water to 1 1/2 cups acrylic resin(acryl 60) this measures out to 1 gallon water to 1/2 gallon acrylic. for the Silica sand i use 4 cups of #60 and 2 cups #30 to 3 cups white portland cement. Add color if you want also. Learned this from JPJ Technologies.


skim-bond coat/splatter/slate

skim-bond coat/splatter/slate trowel mix
20 lbs of #50 or #60 sieve
10 lbs of #30 sieve
20 lbs white or grey portland cement
2 lbs dry polymer or 2 qts liquid polymer
5-8 quarts water depending on desired finish


I was a Concrete Coatings

I was a Concrete Coatings Inc., installer. Started making my own overlay mix using 1 part white portland, 2 parts silica sand by weight. When your weighing this you will notice that silica sand is about twice as heavy as cement, so I was able to mix this quickly on the job, with once bucket white cement to 1 bucket silica sand. I always used the CCI acrylic modifier. Mixing it myself worked really well on small jobs, porches, steps, small patios. For the larger jobs like driveways and commercial projects just order the premixed bags. Mixing it yourself works fine with the CCI system, and the CTI system as well which is the same thing. However, I would not try this with some of the other manufacturers materials. I also installed QC and Colormaker but would never attempt to mix my own.

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Here is another one (again

Here is another one (again from the past here on DCF) by one of our members (oops/didn't inclued name in "pasted" content) ...


I've been doing my own from the start.

For the bond coat always 2 qts of polymer to blend of 60% sand and 30% Portland. For thick coat I knock the polymer back to 1.5 qts. Add water for consistency. Bond coat is about 80% of the sand is fine.

Forgot the %solids for the polymer but it was around 65%. Really looking at going with the dry Polymer to mix up before hand and just add color out on the job. Have 40 buckets sitting there ready to go. Add color for the job.

To these mixes I do add things. As in I'll add fiberglass if I'm building rocks or boulders. Use the skim thin. Then use the same thick coat in a 5 gallon bucket with a hand full of fiberglass.

Take out a total of 20 percent of the sand and add perilite.

For the top coat, I add a little fly ash in too. 10% of the fine sand out and 10% of the Fly Ash in.

And Yea, It's a huge savings in a year. And yes, I do stand by the product. Had a 9yd pour turn on me the other day and ripped it all out and re poured.

I told them I could top coat it and there 400 friends said "Don't let him overlay it it will crack." LOL... And one said a Concrete glue with a 6 bag mix 2in thick over the highest point. LOL........ Obviously never heard of overlays. That recipe would crack in our weather. Funny thing, all of them said it would delam. lol I just ripped it out and re poured. Make them happy and it was my problem. I said we could buggy it not realizing it was 200yds away and the time to buggy it was around 4 hours. Stupid.

Have a Sand plant close so getting sand isn't a problem. Problem is it being dry. Wet is fine if I'm mixing it on site. I just add less water.

Got any more recipes?

Thanks heaps

Hey guys,


Thanks for the replies.  Great information.


I have been using your mixes for the past 6 months or so and have had great success.  


Sorry for the late reply, you get busy with working and nver have a chance to stop and do the little stuff.  I am sure you can appreciate.