Lavina 25g

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Hi guys does anyone here us a lavina 25 gas machine. If so is it any good at exposing agg on large projects. We use the new 20s daily and the old style 25 3 phase but dont really get a chance to use it due to power. Thanks guys in advance

Very quiet here

Well we didnt go the gas option. Purcased a 25 ls 15 hp and it really is a qreat machine with plenty of power. Rips down to large agg one pass on hard floors if you use the front water sprayer. Definately recommend this machine to anyone doing small and medium jobs

Good Choice, Lavina's are

Good Choice, Lavina's are dialed in. That will be my next grinder.


I just purchased one (25'' Propane powered) yesterday and will run it. I purchased it based on the 3 propane powered 30'' ones I've had. They do about anything you need to do. I currently own 1 - 20'' S electric, 2- 30'' S propanes and now the new X model 25'' propane. Big fan of Lavina. 

Hi thee edge how did the 25

Hi thee edge how did the 25 propane go. Im selling my electric stuff and will be getting one soon. Thanks

Did you go propane ? .. how

Did you go propane ? .. how was the learning curve? How does the smell hold up on job sights ?