ICPSC 2015 seminar schedule posted 13 hour long seminars to choose from

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ICPSC 2015 seminar schedule posted 13 hour long seminars to choose from

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I highly recommend that all

I highly recommend that all those having a vested interest in the polished concrete industry attend the 2015 ICPSC seminar/conference. Knowledge is power that keeps our engines running and is the foundation of progressive success! .

None of us know it all; those that believe they do are destined to fall off the pedestal they have placed themselves on ... costing them not only hard earned dollars, but also damaging their most important asset being their reputation (concrete can be revived and resurfaced however the same is not true of one's reputation for high quality craftsmanship once it has been tarnished/stained by failures (whatever the reason may have been).

The ICPSC also provides an ideal gathering place where you can meet, greet (put a face with a voice), and discuss whatever is on your mind with your peers, be it tips of the trade or other business related concerns.

The professional field of polished concrete continues to evolve as to the type of equipment, tools, and required/necessary materials that are utilized (this trade never sits idle and stagnat). The time and cost (investment in your future) associated with your attendence will be returned tenfold (or more) and is the keystone to reeping the rewards, referrals, and revenue you deserve for a job well done that is 2nd to none.