HTC 420 v's Husqvarna PG530

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Hi all,

I run a small floor covering retail and contracting business. We currently use a Lagler Trio adapted to take plates with metal bond segments. This is used for the removal of adhesive and old leveling compounds.

I've also played around with finishing newly applied leveling compounds with some quite promising results - I've only used sanding papers for this. We use mainly Ardex products under commercial vinyl installations. This has sparked an interest in actually polishing concrete.

I have been looking into what equipment is available to use in domestic and small commercial situations. Single phase is a must.
Does any one here have any experience with the HTC and HCP machines? I like the sound of the super/hyper floor systems. I also don't want to get caught wishing I had payed extra for a better machine 3 months in.

What advise can you offer?

Thanks :)

I wouldnt even think twice

I wouldnt even think twice about this one...Husqvarna all the way. That htc 420 isnt good for anything really but sanding wood and very LIGHT grinding. That Pro Grind 530 will blow that 420 out of the water.
I think if you are to compare an htc machine to the Husq 530 you would need to look at the HTC 500. The 420 is a tiny machine.

Even then the PG 530 is better than the htc 500

Actually you could probably

Actually you could probably buy an HTC 800 for the price of the 530...I know Husqvarna is insanely priced

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it's true. THe orange one is

it's true. THe orange one is retarded. 17k, crazy when you compare the htc 500 at just under 10 k. In my opinion not too much reason for the price hike, all the husquvarna stuff is out to lunch price wise. The machines look great and probably have some benefits but I would advise on the htc 500. I have a new one arriving tomorrow in fact. The belts break a little too often for my liking but other than that they are great machines. A lot of guys on the forum seem to like the lavinas. I don't have experience with them so I can not talk about them . I think they are even better priced than the htc.
Look at 15k - 20k for a complete single phase grinding system.
good luck.

Got to agree the 500 is the

Got to agree the 500 is the way to go.Don't have any personal experience with other brands but don't have any complaints with the HTC

Interesting stuff guys,

Interesting stuff guys, thanks.

Do you think the HTC 420 is a toy machine? It's grinding pressure is only 65kg. The HCP PG530 is 134kg for the single phase.

I'm now wondering if it would be worth considering a 3 phase like the HTC 500. It's specs are more line ball with the HCP PG530. What type of generator would be required to run a 3 phase unit? The cost of a generator on top of the HTC 500 may well bring it into line with the HCP pricewise. I'll check pricing tomorrow.

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I am about to solve all your

I am about to solve all your problems with this one sentence.......The htc 500 is single phase.!!!!!! It's a great little machine. Have you looked at klindex?

Hmmm, I don't know that we


I don't know that we have them here, I'll ask if it's an option.

Bill Arnold
The HTC 420 is an excellent

The HTC 420 is an excellent machine but you must realize its limitations. It can polish - slowly-, but not even HTC will promote it as a concrete polisher. Floor preparation is where it is good. You said you were doing residential and small commercial work. It is easy to move about, get into small areas, etc. It is great on cleaning up thin-set, glue, paint, smooth out trowel marks, patches, etc. It is much better than using a low speed floor machine with sand screens or scraper tools.
I advise getting a 240v model. You can find this power just about everywhere - dryer plugs are the easiest. With the 120v model you are too close to circuit breaker limits and anything else on the circuit can blow it.
If you want to do small area ( under 2000 sq ft) polishing, go to the HTC 500.

Bill do you run a 420? I have

Bill do you run a 420? I have the 500 and it doesn't seem big enough to do the paint and glue removal we do, maybe I'm just too impatient.Just need more, like Derek I heard he's taking over central Canada .Hey D you know where to come to when the smog gets to you. mcd

Dean, I do not know about

Dean, I do not know about your power grid in Australia ... if it is like Europe, tough luck because single phase will only give you 3,5kW here and that's just not enough power for grinding, no matter which machine you buy. If your power grid is like the US you should look at HTC and Lavina. We work with HTC 500s and they are fine machines (including belt breaks, etc.). Last week I was at Jim Cuviello class in Maryland and had a chance to work with the Lavina25 and I would definitely consider that option ... a little bigger, a little more power and a couple of $$$ less. Since the small Lavinas are passive planetary systems, there is also one less belt to break :).

By the way, has anybody tried to just stop replacing the upper belt of the HTC500 and use it also as a passive planetary? Now that I have tried the Lavina I'm seriously asking myself what this silly weak belt is good for anyways.

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just so you know. Htc has

just so you know. Htc has come out with a top belt cover to keep the belt from direct contact with the mass amount of dust you usually find when you open up the machine. Not sure if this will correct the issue or not but lets hope. I have come up with some good ways to change that ridiculous belt if any one is interested.

[quote name="arno"

[quote name="arno" time="2008-04-26 10:14:21"]
... if it is like Europe, tough luck because single phase will only give you 3,5kW here and that's just not enough power for grinding

Most machines up to 10HP/7,5kW these days are equipped with dual phase-inverting drives that would allow you to use them either on a single phase (240V) or three phase power

P.S There is some loss of torque and power though

Again, the grid in Europe (at

Again, the grid in Europe (at least continental Europe) is set up to supply max. 3,7kW of 220V power out of each branch that leaves the switchboard. If you try to plug in more power at the same time, the fuse blows. That means, even if your HTC500 (4,4kW) would accept the single phase supply, you would immediately blow the fuse, as soon as the tools touched the floor.
But then you could still go back to the switchboard and play around with the wires there ... and if you know what you are doing, it will work ... and if you don't know what you are doing, you can always sing along with the Talking Heads of our younger and wilder days: .... BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE
Back to my other question: Did anybody try to run the HTC500 without the upper belt for an extended period?

I might have a chat with my

I might have a chat with my electrician and get some info on the power situation. I know nothing about it myself.

I think I might also have a good look at the Lavina 20". What are your opinions of these? Mile?

Dean Where are you


Where are you situated?
I'm on the Gold Coast. Drop me a line if you want

I've now look at and used all

I've now look at and used all of the machines. I'm going with the Lavina 20", It's a good thing :)

Dean It was great talking to


It was great talking to you the other day. let me know how the new purchase goes in your business.

Dont forget there are other

Dont forget there are other small machines out there that are work horses beside the HTC and Husquavarna.
Look at the SASE 435, the nice part about this machine is that I have seen it remove, prep, and polish, it comes in 220V Single phase and 110V model you can plug into the wall and it can easily be broken down into a couple of pieces and made small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

HTC420vs and HTC 500

We have the 420 and 500 HTC machines and both are very capable. We do alot of domestic/commercial lippage removal on stone floors and they are superb at this especially when equipped with SGW diamonds. The 420 machine runs easily on a 5kva 110v supply and the 500 machine normaly runs off a 20kva 3 phase generator.

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the new lavina machines are active planetary S SERIES THE 20N-S HAS A 7.5HP or 5.5kw single phase motor

the htc 500 is a couple grand more and a little less power with a 4kw motor which converts to around 5.63 hp 

does anyone have any feedback

does anyone have any feedback on the propane powered units to alleviate the electrical power concerns.

Mike Antonetti
Long pause! I don't like

Long pause! I don't like propane, I'm looking for a planetary 110 for floor prep, adhesive removal, etc. found this post by doing homework on the husqvarna pg450. For around 4.5k$ gonna try to rent it for 300$ a day on upcoming project to determine its worthiness!