How to upload Videos on our site, and Why You Should!

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Uploading videos on our site is a good way to showcase your company to potential customers.

A video shows what you do, the quality of your work and puts your name out there.

Even if you you have uploaded videos in YouTube, Facebook, etc, on our site you will get a more targeted audience that is specifically looking at your type of work, and you can upload the same videos here.

Uploading is very easy and fast, just follow these steps.


Step 1: Log into your profile account, if you don't have one ,it only takes a couple of minutes to do it. Once you log in, click on "My Account"


Step 2: Click on "Add a Video"


Step 3: Add a title, then pick a category, then click on "Launch the Uploader"

Once the uploader launches, click browse to choose a video from your computer, then click upload.

Make sure you add your company information in the "Body Text Area" for other uses to see.


Now your video is ready for the world to see.