How to select the right contractor



Here are a few tips on how to select the right contractor for your project. First, find them!, you can look up our contractor listing or just send the request Bid form to receive up to 5 quotes from local decorative concrete contractors.


Once you have a few bids get to know your contractor and remember, price is not everything. Here are a few pointers.


  • Ask for references, a contractor that has been in business for sometime should be able to give your references so you can check his work


  • When you talk to the contractor, check his ability to communicate, courtesy, punctuality etc, all these points are important because it may reflect on their work.


  • Is the contractor licensed? most contractors should have a t least a county license, check with your local city or county to make sure you deal with someone with the proper license.


  • Insurance: Liability insurance is very important, make sure the contractor show his certificate.


  • Business longevity: The longer the contractor has been in business the more you can trust he'll do a good job and be responsible.


  • Does he have a show room? though this is not essential, a show room indicates the contractor has a physical address for the business and he is in for the long haul.


  • Does he specialize in decorative concrete? A specialty contractor will certainly be better than someone that just dabs into it and want to try it out, do not let anyone experiment in your house!


  • Written contract: It is always a good thing to have a detailed contract that spells out in detail the scope of the work to be done to avoid surprises.


  • Price: Evaluate each contractor based on the above points before looking at the price, a cheap price may mean just that, cheap material and shoddy work.