How much for glue/ mastic/ paint removal per square foot?

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I got a large expanse of square footage in a where house . And I was wondering what you guys charge per square foot for mastic, paint, glue removal services .? Once removed the floor will be coated with epoxy and a clear top coat. Also for substrate prep and patching what do you skim coat / mortar repair with for under the epoxy ?

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Lindy A.
There are numerous strippers,

There are numerous strippers, as well as mechanical ways to do so.

Personally I think you should consider not taking up the glue, instead use Perfect Primer by SSM Incorporated ... it can be applied directly over mastics, cutback, glue without going throught he time, effort, and mess of using strippers or trying to remove it by mechanical means (can also be applied over VCT or asbestos tile)  Then apply a self-leveling polymer modified micro-topping such as Mapei Ultratop, Ardex SDT, Rapid Set Tru, etc. (this will result in a virgin new uniform surface/substrate to apply the epoxy over.

If you do opt to remove it, the average price for mastic would be $1.00 per sq.ft. in my region of the country (but, it could range higher or maybe lower depending on how thick it is applied as well as number of feet it has to be removed from.



Thank you Lindy, and sorry

Thank you Lindy, and sorry about the late response, but you hit the nail right on the head! It was a 20,000 square foot project an fit whent for 1$ a square foot. I thought 1.50 was appropriate .. But maybe only on smaller jobs

That's what I was going to

That's what I was going to suggest too. $1.00 per sq foot.

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.