High Definition Concrete Consulting



"To eliminiting analog alternatives, through high level of experience and integral degree of industry knowledge.  Personal consulting ... based on my extensive 30+ years of personal field experience, cutting edge high-tech foundation of knowledge, and respected reputation inthe ever evolving and transitional world of concrete.



** Architectural/Decorative Concrete Hardscapes

** Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea sealers (clear; high gloss & satin), prigmented coatings (24 colors & Variegate), along with vibrant vinyl chip PAP surfaces

** Resinous interior and exterior sealers; including acrylics, 100% solids UV resistant clear and pigmented industrial/commercial  Epoxy, aliphatic urethanes, and polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea

** Seamlessindustrial/commercial floors; including epoxy/colorquartz, epoxy/vinyl chip, and high performance pigmented coatings.

** Waterproof elastomeric/rubberized waterproof safety surfacing for interior of exterior surfacing; applied seamlessly over concrete, wood, metal and other compatible substrates; has over 500% elongation (will not crack). This surface addresses safety engineering issues in relation to maximum degree of traction, meeting OSHA and ADA co-efficience of friction/COF guidelines (major plus factor when it comes to Workmans Compensation and General Liability Insurance premiums of commercial and public use property owners).

** Porous Impact resistant safety surfacing; this being the 1-3mm rubber granules, incorporating a urethane binder, with or without shredded rubber buffing underlayment; primarily for use in playground areas.

** Submergible Safety Surfacing; my partner and I hold two patents in relation to our unique surface which we developed for submergable use in zero entry pools.

** Epoxy Stone Surfaces; natural rounded riverstone, rainbow of colors, troweled in place, binder being 100% solids UV resistant epoxy

** Concrete repair/treatment incorporating epoxies, rapid set polyaspartics, and reinforcing crack stitching methods



** Analysis, specification or selection of a surfacing system and/or protective coating that best meets individualized end use needs of curent or future projects

** Forensic investigation of problematic issues, written diagnosis of probable causes, prognosis in relation to remedies

** Defect claims in reference to the identification of defect and/or lack or proper maintenance leading to current situation, or other demanding concerns that require prompt attention.

Professional consulting and mediation services are available at reasonable rates; focusin on equatable resolving of disputes in order to avoid costly litigation.




Please visit my website for detailed informaiton, along with answers to questions or concerns you may have ... be sure to click on "about us" while for more expansive insight into all that I offer contractors, property owners, specifiers, architects and interior/exterior designers, property management companies who are responsible for maintenance and renovations, commercial/retail property and private property developers, as well as all others who have a vested interest in success. 


Regardless of your location, nationwide or abroad, I will strive to provide you with the high definition concrete services you need/require/desire or I will refer you to an experienced professional contractor in your area that can.

If, as a professional contractor in this industry, have a need for high performance industrial coatings (100% solids/UV resistant Epoxy, Urethane, Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea/PAP, etc), concrete resurfacing materials/products, industrial/seamless/sanitary/sustainable industrial flooring systems, etc give me a call or drop an email message (I serve as a professional consultant, tech advisor, and agent/factory rep for several leading/respected manufacturers; upon request providing you with detailed spec/tech/application/coverage rate information, direct to contractor master price lists, material estimates and shipping quotes, etc.


Thank you for your time, interest, and attention.  Happy trails !


High Definition Concrete Consulting

Lindy Ausburne (owner; 30+ years field experience and technical expertise)

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