Helpful hints on how to proctect substrates or finished surfaces during construction.

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Decorative Concrete Substrate and/or Finished Surface Protection

It is always important to protect surfaces before, during, and after decorative treatments. Many times, the other construction trades have no idea what you intend to do, and even after you treat the floor, they still think of it as a place to drop stuff and have no worries about it.

·         #15 weight roofing felt (wall to wall), overlap 1” - 2" and tape all seams

·         30 weight roofing felt (wall to wall), over craft paper, placed immediately after dry in (before sheetrock, painters, and other tradesmen gain access to the floor.

·         Carton paper 3’ to 4’ wide, tape overlapped edge with duct tape. Put down when framing on new construction is complete (before electrical, plumbing, hvac, sheet rocking, painting, etc.)

·         Corrugated cardboard, tape seams.  Leave some extra on the site. Comes in 3’ x 250’ or 4’x 250’ …is available at packing supply wholesalers and some tile/hardwood floor stores.

·         Single face corrugated paper over Brown Builders paper.  Do not recommend the use of Red Rosin paper since it contains rosins that could over time transfer to the concrete and possibly result in sealer/bonding issues and as a waterproofing paper it does not breathe.

·         IMPORTANT … always tape the seams securely (overlapping).  NEVER tape anything to the bare concrete substrate, stained or dyed surface, or any sealer/coatings. Tape placed directly over concrete will discolor it, it will draw moisture to that stop and you will create a permanent dark line on the concrete. Tape placed over sealed surfaces, even Blue Tape, and other low adhesion tapes may pull the sealer off the floor as well as the stain.


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