Has anyone tried to pour monuments /headstones?

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I have done a few with success but recent molds I have made are bigger and Im having problems with air entrapment. 6 inch thick molds Any help ????

didn't have but 1 question &

didn't have but 1 question & that was the engraving so only 1 answer necessary ;-) you're right about today's conc being stronger-denser-more flexible but so what ? ? ? its still only conc,,, even 5Kpsi pales compared to monumental marble or granite.

far's the blockout, if conc's so good, why pick granite ? ? ? IF we had to cast 1, we'd anchor a bronze plate using bronze or brass t-bolts.

there's also probable structural failure,,, i'll bet few cemeteries would allow conc because permanence & structural integrity are suspect,,, remember sears ? ? ? their's were portland, water, AND granite aggregate - didn't last ! ! ! aca may even have a materials section in their suggested & adopted rules/regulations as i recall.

ck your local burial grounds & notice how only private mausoleums're build w/granite or marble ? ? ? the ' public ' ones're cast conc ( for the most part ) cover'd w/granite skins,,, the failure of conc is well-documented.

best [the original] how-long's-your-guarantee-period ? ? ? yic-yac

yes, its been done - sears

yes, its been done - sears had a selection at 1 time but they also sold steel homes, too,,, monuments, by definition, last w/o maintenance & conc won't,,, some granite monuments my family built're over 200yrs ago're still fine while marble's difficult to read,,, conc didn't last at all so they disappeared,,, surprisingly, zinc held up fairly well,,, of course bronze's permanent.

try making truck tires out of your molds & see what happens,,, im-n-s-fo, you're wastin' time & $$$,,, how do you letter/engrave 'em ? ? ?

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To answer your question. I

To answer your question. I believe the concrete that we use now is much more dense which which is more like granite not quite but better than concrete of the past. My bigger fear is the sealer will break down.
To answer your other question I put a blank in the mold and have a granite plate in its place. The plate is 1/4 inch thick. All art & letters are done for me.
Other kinds of plates are also avail.
Hope I answered your questions.

Head Stones

Granite is about 19,000 PSI with todays concrete you could get pretty close. with 15,000 psi concrete after a year or two with a dry pack and you would be close. Some concrete from the Romans is still standing they had the good ash but lots of grave yards have concrete monuments from the 1500's in them,but I bet they were not wet cast, thou most today may not take them.For letters just mask them off and sand blast the dates on.Of coarse any one can buy Granite so unless you were going to make something different what would be the use?