glow in the dark flakes

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Any one know where you can get glow in the dark flakes??

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Lindy A.
If you Google "Fluorescent

If you Google "Fluorescent Color Chips" you will find numerous sources ... some of which are:


Chips Unlimited ... I have used their flakes/chips ... high quality, not dusty/powder in the chips/flakes ... they have several color of flourescent/glow in the dark flakes ...they are a major/leading manufacturer in the USA ...

Two others that I know nothing about personally are ...

Original Color Chips ...

Rosco ...

I don't know about sources in your Country/region ... I do know that Chips Unlimted ships worldwide.  You might want to check with commercial suppliers that do custom painting on vehicles, boats, etc. some of them add glow in the dark medias and small flake. 

hey Lindy, many thanks for

hey Lindy, many thanks for sharing, since now i was using chipsunlimited, but now its seems that rosco is going to be my first choice as its offering better experience!

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Lindy A.
Always willing to share

Always willing to share premium material sources with other pro's like you.  Happy trails.