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Hi Guys I just wondering should i be using half or full sets of diamonds on my lavina 25. Have never used three phase machines and need to grind ultra hard concrete. With my lavina 20 I have only ever used half sets and do my grinding wet. I just dont know what to expect from a slightly bigger machine. Thanks Nick

Nick, Adding the extra


Adding the extra diamonds will make the head more rigid. If your worried about down pressure go with double segment tools and if that's wearing too much get a harder bond. As a general rule, higher speeds on the machine with metals and adding diamonds make the heads cut flatter. Higher speed can sometimes glaze your diamonds but with water that's probably not an issue.

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when i would be grinding hard

when i would be grinding hard concrete i would only ever use half set, it would always help with taking of the top of the concrete to accept my coatings. the more dimond segments on the machine the more the presure on the blades is spread around, so less diamonds means more pressure on those diamonds which in turn ripps he concrete better. Saying that i dont do to much polishing so maybe others have insight if this is ok for polishing.


Thanks guys very helpful

In the begging

In the begging years ago, I only ran half set on my Lavinas. Sometimes it would wear diamonds a little faster. So I always run a full set  for the past 4 years and just add weight if needed. I also think a full set give a better cut.