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Dr J

Got a 2200 sq ft concrete floor. Red paint? Don't know what kind of paint,,, looks like an epoxy....25 years old good owners want it ground off. How do I determine if it is an epoxy or an acrylic coating? That will greatly impact what is put down next.

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Acrylic wouldnt last 25 years

Acrylic wouldnt last 25 years imo, so im guessing its an epoxy. who knows tho, good luck

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Lindy A.
I agree, in that I don't

I agree, in that I don't believe that any acrylic sealer is capable of surviving for 25 years, their dry mil build is typically much thinner than an 100% solids epoxy coating.  Of course, arcylic sealers have far less chemical and/wear abrasion resistance than an acrylic sealer/coating.

If you pour solvent on the sealer (such as Xylene, Xylo, MEK) does the coating soften/breakdown/begin to emulsify (if so, it is an acrylic). Epoxies are much higher in chemcial resistance and would not be rapidly softened or breakdown.

Of course, it could have been an MMA, they are very tuff/durable/lasting and can have an epoxy like appearance along with  long life/performance.

If you are going to grind the surface to remove the coating; an acrylic will be thin and gone quickly epoxy will be thicker mil build and take longer to grind off ... whatever you opt put on or do with this floor after grindiing the current coating needs to be removed in order to create necessary virgin profile, as well as free of this foreign matter, prior to proceeding with any type of resurfacing material/coating/system. 


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Thank you!