Flexmar quartz flooring.

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Dr J

Installed a quartz floor in a Police station. Needed a durable surface as the epoxy flooring had reached it's end of life. I ground the floor, Used white night grey as a colour base, broadcast crushed quartz, and finished off with a clear coat. They liked it so much they asked if I could do their countertops, instead of paying to remove and replace them. Lightly sanded the existing surface, 2 coats of PAP and now everyone wants me to do their home countertops.

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Dr. did you take it back to concrete or prep the existing epoxy?

Looks great!

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Dr J

I heavily sanded the existing epoxy, making sure there was no gloss. Three areas around drains had delaminated so I repaired them completely.

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Lindy A.
Success ... the "Dr" was "in

Success ... the "Dr" was "in the house" and performed his own specialized form of CPR (Creative Professional Restoration) on the countertop, as well as the floor, both capable of survival for many more years to come ... but then, I would expect nothing less knowing your attention to detail that goes back so many years.  Commercial and residential property owners in BC certainly don't need a "GPS" to find a "true concrete surgeon" in order to locate "Great Personalized Service" that provides lasting remedies (in lieu of short periods of temporary remission).   

That's a great job you did!

That's a great job you did! Bravo! Keep up the good work and you'll have a blooming construction career ahead of you :)

You do our industry proud. 

You do our industry proud.  Nice job doctor.  It floors me when people counter with more work once you've done your top work under their feet.  :)