field mice feet locked in epoxy ... what is the oddest thing that has happened on one of your jobs

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Lindy A.

Whats the funniest or oddest thing that ever happened on one of your jobs?  


Here's one that happened on a jobsite of my partner in our seamless rubberized, impact resistant, safety surfacing business....


The first step in this application process is to apply an epoxy primer which must reach a tacky state before proceeding with the application of the self-leveling rubber/elastomeric base.  Since epoxies take 55F or better to tack up, with this commercial floor being done in the late fall where it was cool during the day/cold at night and there was no heat in the building that was being renovated, the epoxy primer was applied the night before (leaving it exposed until morning). The central heat/air units had been pulled out (were to be replaced) so there were some opennings to the outdoors that were not adequately covered.  During the night a couple of dozen tiny field mice came inside (through the opennings) and got stuck in the sticky epoxy primed floor.  They were alive, but their tiny feet were securely stuck in the epoxy.  Of course their was no way to get these field mice out without them loosing their feet (it would be cruel to pull them out and release them outside, with them running around on 4 stub legs the rest of their natural lives), so he walked around conking them on the head to kill them (putting them out of their misery), pulling the dead mice up out of the epoxy (their feet remained in the epoxy), but no one would ever know they were there after being encapsulated with 1/8" to 3/16" inch of the self-leveling liquid rubber that was to applied with a notched squeegee over them then broadcasted to rejection with fine ground rubber particles. Glad no one was witnesses this; if they had, they would probably have been horrorfied.


Lindy A.

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Concrete Artisan
had a herd of cows

Take shelter in a house i had just stained but not sealed. The urine and cow pies were overwhelming. It was ty detmers house if you follow football. I dont but apparently he was somebody famous. I shoveled it out n hosed it down and never told anyone.

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While reairing a large Drive

While reairing a large Drive in Frezzor epoxy mortar floor, i had a guy drop 2 pellet loads of Dead chickens from the Delivary truck bay onto the floor i was tyring to repair. Was annoyed at the time but now looking back its just plain funny!!, dead chickens everywhere!! ive got photos somewhere will post if i can find them. Smelt so bad it turned me off chicken for a while..