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I used some fast set epoxy today on a 600 sf garage floor. The concrete was 55 F so I thought the fast set

would give me some time. As soon as we got it on the floor it was starting to kick. I think my problem was mixing

a 3 gallon batch of it at one time. I think if I cut that in half it would of been OK to deal with. The garage came out

looking nice but it was a very hectic place to be finishing it off .

At what point do you folks go to the fast set stuff and how large are your mixes?

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Lindy A.
I would not have mixed 3

I would not have mixed 3 gallons up at one time for a couple of reasons ...

#1 ... it will take longer to mix this fast set epoxy to a uniform/homogenous state when mixing 3 gallons at one time.  As you mix you are generating heat as the components combine, the longer you mix the more heat and shorter your potlife/working time. (You didn't state  what the mix ratio of resin to cure was but if it was a 2 to 1 formulation, then mixing 1 gallon of resin/A to 1/2 gallon of cure/B would have been a wiser move).

#2 ... you stated the concrete was cold, about 55F ... what was your air temperature in the area you were applying it and where it had been stored prior to application.  Epoxies, get much thicker (especially the cure) in colder temperatures, ergo  they require longer time to mix to uniformity that will in turn effect your potlife/working time. When applying Epoxy over cold surface and in cool air temperature (further complicated by pre-application storing of epoxy in a cold warehouse/shop location), this also effects the workability when applying since when epoxies themselves are cool/cold it stifles their self-leveling characteristics since viscosity is higher, requiring more vigorous work to applying them, this also leads to excessively long mixing time and decrease in pot life/working time, as well as can also lower the self-leveling even flow out to a certain degree.

Mix less at one time and you should be able to return to ease in application applicator-friendly outcome ... running around in fast forward/high gear is likely to lead to a great many issues.

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 I go 1 litre Mixes for fast

 I go 1 litre Mixes for fast set, Get about 6- 7 sqm per leter in which while i am applicating a new batch is being mixed by the mixing crew, also i have had my roller sleves clog up so it helps to have a few roller handles and sleves ready to change over to make sure that it all goes well.