Epoxy for Frezzer?

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First time for us to bid on a floor in a freezer around 0 degrees with food stored in there. Our supplier does not offer anything for this application and search results yield low information on this type install. The area is about 4500 sq ft of aisles and is worn to medium to  large aggrigate. I am chasing the side of aisles and shot blasting the rest. Calcium chlroride test came back fine. Quick turn around, as always, is desired. 20-30 mils will do the trick to produce a even look to the floor. Any suggestions?

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not sure if 30mils will level

not sure if 30mils will level out the floor??, but IMO a polyurethane cement SL floor would be the best idea for a frezzor. sherwin williams have a product that will go down at about 2mm. that will help level out your floor and will be able to handle the 0 degress no probs. thats what i would recomend. a epoxy roll on coating will not be advisable for a long term solution. polyaspartic will go allright but again will not level out your floor. 

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Lindy A.
I agree with GandCFloor, in

I agree with GandCFloor, in relation to urethane concrete flooring system overlayment being a lasting/viable option to be considered ... they do take an experienced /knowledgeable crew to professionally/successfully apply and are quite costly (however they are worth every dollar that is invested in them as to maximum longevity/performance that are subjected to EXTREME harsh usage conditions).

On the other hand, IMO (based on 30+ years seamless/industrail flooring and high performace coatings experience) you should also consider using a Flexmar Coatings Next Generation High Solids (93%)

(1) will cure out in temperatures as low as -30F (minus 30F)

(2) Potlife/working time, even in high humidity up to 85%, have 25 minutes (this being the new Next Generation High Solids formulation (this FAR from the industry norm) .  First coat will dry in 30 minutes to 1 hour, you can then apply 2nd coat, return to service 3-5 hours after 2nd coat is dry ... again, SAME DAY RETURN TO SERVICE, that is a VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE/BENEFIT since loss of productive use time equates to lost profits for commercial/industrial facilities (there are alternative PAP that may dry in 30 minutes to 1 hour; however, they usually require 3 to 4 hours before recoatings and/or also required 18-24 hours before return to service which definitely is NOT a plus factor when rapid return to use is urgent)

(3) self-priming wets out, penetrates, micro-dowels inself, locking into the concrete substrate

(4) VOC free ... "has no odor" (Next Generation formulation)

(5) excellent self-leveling properties on flat work and hanging without sagging on vertical

(6) has proven/varifiable performance history in grocery stores, food storage vaults/freezers, processing and production plants that are subjected to forklift/pallet jack/material handing equipement, etc.

(7) excellent chemical resistance: including those of food/beverage/grocery stores in relation to concentrated citrus, wines, vinegars, marinades, lactic acid in dairy products, ... highly sought after degree of stain resistance from foreign matter (including red wines and a great many others) and resistance to a long list of chemicals.

(8) can add fine/dry sand or other compatible fine fillers to allow to make a slurry, using a squeegee to float out and fill in eaten out/etched/damaged concrete (if deemed necessary) ... followed by about 10 mils of the Next Generation HS 

(9) available in clear and 24 factory colors, as well as a Variegated one that has a mottled/stain like appearance. 

(10) can add micro-fine media directly into the final/2nd/last coat (mixed into the resin/cure batch that will not sink or float)allowing for uniform application) that will provide safety engineering as to skid resistant traction meeting the criteria of the OSHA and ADA (if desired, specified) ...without compromising appearance or ease in cleaning/sanition/maintenance.

If you would like more specific details, tech data, have any questions/concerns, or would like assistance in figuring of material required (coverages & costs) drop me an email or give me a call on my DCF direct line (254-212-5536 shown at the top of all DCF pages) or cell phone 254-498-6635.  The PAP that I am referring to is that of Flexmar Coatings (one of our valued DCF sponsors); of whom I have worked with as a professional consultant and applicator myself since 2005, its date of industry introduction (directly with President/Jack Bracco for about 20 years, going back to when I acquired various high performance urethanes from him).   If you happen to be at World of Concrete, please visit Flexmar Coatings in South Hall S13006, where you can meet and talk with Jack personally.


Thank you!