Elite Crete bad installation by Domian Paving and Concrete

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Sharing a bad installation by Domian Paving and Concrete. Job was scheduled to take 3 to 5 business days. Original start date was August 15th. Finally fired Domian Paving and Concrete on September 15th due to: unprofessional installation of product, coving up bolts around the pool for the safety cover, cutting into expansion joints to remove tape, and poor communication of when they would be on the job site to complete the work.

I asked Domian Paving & Concrete 4 times not to cover up the bolts for the safety cover, but they did anyway. They had to use a hammer and chisel to uncover them and couldn’t find all of them. They also had so much material on top of the tape over the expansion joints, channel drain, and pool coping and as a result could not remove the tape. They used a hand grinder to cut along the expansion joints, channel drain, and pool coping to remove the tap. The results were bad. Cuts went into the expansion joints, and veered away from expansion joints. After firing Domian Paving and Concrete I hired another authorized dealer to complete the job. Since Domian had stained the pool deck with Ultrastone there was a sealer put on the pool deck. To correct the expansion joints they needed to be cut out, and as a result a new layer of Elite Crete Thin Finish would need to be applied and re-stained so everything matched. Since the sealer was in the stain the new contractor had to grind off the previous applied material, which cost an additional $3000.00. The original job was $5000 and now $8000. Domian Paving and Concrete has refused to return my down payment. Also Domian Paving and Concrete was to power was the pool deck with AB Acid which they did not do. I asked Domian why they didn’t do that and they said they didn’t need to use the acid.

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If is always disappointing to

If is always disappointing to hear of contractors that fail to provide satisfactory end result ... this type of inferior outcome unjustifiably (through no fault of their own) tends to sometimes tarnish the precieved image of WOC industry in general along with professional applicators/contractors who focus on to providing unsurpassed attention detail, take pride in their work, and are experienced in relation to proper application process of all materials/products to be used on the job 

Inability, oversight as to listening and heeding your specific instructions, compounded by failure to take ownership as to making things right is IMO "simply WRONG."  As a result, you did not receive the decorative concrete surface you hired the initial contractor for. Your property (surface, joint strips, and drains) were permanently damaged to the point that the entire surface had to be ground down and then reapplied (costing you substantially more money, along with stress, lack of enjoyment/use time, etc) ... ergo, instead of providing you with a value equal to investment you made that would increases your property value it was it damaged/devaluated, causing you to spend more of your money (hiring a different contractor to remove/restore/repair/resurface/remedy).   Why the original contractor would encapsulating your cover/anchor bolts on the deck, as well as attempt to remove grouting tape in the manner they did (leaving your joint strips and drains marred/scarred/non-uniform/jagged) as we would say in Texas "a sad sack of beans."   

Goes to show that premium materials can be used (it is not the manufacturer of materials fault, in this case being Elite Crete:, but, it is a prime example that unless a contractor has the necessary knowledge and application experience to assure a high level of success that it makes no difference whose materials were applied. 

I hope that there is a happy ending to this senario, you get a desired end result upon completion by new contractor, and that the initial contractor "mans up" to unadequate application (refunding your money would be the only fair way for them to make amends, chalking it up to a learning experience on their part, along with a pathway to keeping themselves out of court if you were forced to take this type of action since they apparently are hiding from you and the facts)