Did You Underbid the Job?

Dean Chiaravallotti (03-17-2012)


I would venture to say that every concrete polishing contractor has felt this pain before and would like to never feel it again. What can be done to limit this from happening again? A mock up would limit the chances of this happening again. I’ll tell you why.

 First of all a mock-up is generally a 10’x10’ finished product that show you and your client what the concrete polishing job will look like.  Generally, it is good to do a 10'x10' mock up on larger polishing jobs.

One benefit is that it lets your client know what the final job may look like. This will set their expectations to what will be reality. There are so many contractors out there selling polished concrete and the client is usually misinformed about what polished concrete really is.  This will help dispel any misconceptions your client may have about polished concrete.

Another benefit is that a mock up will help YOU to know how many steps it will take to get the job done the clients’ satisfaction.  You will know how hard the concrete is, what tools to use, the hardness of the slab and if there are any exceptional qualities about the slab you are working on. You will then know what your TRUE COST is to do the job! No more guess work!

Another good tip about doing a mock up is not to spend an inordinate amount of time on the mock up. If you do, your client will expect the entire floor to look just as good as the mock up does. So when you do your mock-up, do yourself a favor and only spend as much time and effort as if you were doing the entire floor. 

I hope this tip helps some of you out there to keep your jobs profitable in the future!


To your success!


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