desperate need of special polyurethane

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Hey everyone...does anyone know who manufactures a water based polyurethane, pigmented white in a flat finish?

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Lindy A.
I know there are waterborne

I know there are waterborne urethanes available in clear matte ... I don't know of any white pigmented waterborne urethanes in a matte finish (they are typically high gloss as I'm sure you are aware); maybe you could add a deglossing agent such as the paste type (although I have not ever attemped to do so in a pigmented resinous coating/sealer) 

Could you perhaps apply a white 100% solids UV resistant Industrial Flooring Epoxy that has no offensive amine odor, then apply a waterborne clear matte urethane over it? ... or maybe tint a self-leveling micro-topping to a white, then apply clear waterborne matte urethane.. 

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the floor has been poured and

the floor has been poured and a flat white polyurethane was installed. We used this poly in clear before on other projects without issues but this is the first time we used it in a pigmented version. It did not work. It did not lay down well at all. Color seems uneven and it's not blending in well at all, leaving lap lines. We applied twice and still does not look well. I believe the pigment is throwing of the dynamics of the product. So now I'm looking for another manufacturer to help me get through this job. 

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Dr J

Try giving Key Resins a call. They make a lot of urethanes....but when it comes to matte finishes, you can count on roller lines. When installing I have tried everything to avoid them and found that using a micro suede cloth and putting down the least amount of product helps. Rolling produces lines period. Hand wiping with the cloth, in a random manner was the only way to get rid of lines. The additive that produces the matte finish I feel is responsible for the lines.