Curing and weather question

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Hey all, 

I am doing a trowel finish on my counters.  The problem is that I would need to tent it while curing in this heat (high 90s/100s), but I don't want any staining from condensation, as I'm going to acid stain them.  Other that tenting teepee-style, is there anything else I can do to guarantee no staining?


Also, I plan to use ice water to mix with the concrete.  How much working time should I get with temps in the high 90s and humidity in the 40s with Quikcrete counertop mix?  If I can hustle, I might be able to pour while it's 85 degrees and 80% humidity (it's raining this week), but that's going to really be pushing it.  I've kicked around the idea of actually pouring them in the house, which would solve the problems above, but would prefer not to.  I don't want to cast in place either, as I already have things underway for precast..