Citadel polyurea 1hd

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has used this product called Citadel polyurea 1hd if so is it any good. Wanting to try it out after seeing a pic on a ground floor. It is a perfect matt matt finish. Here is Aus we dont really have many good products that matt off unless they a solvent based.Thanks in advance

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before i moved overseas i

before i moved overseas i lived in geelong victoria. never used the citadel coatings as their cost is riduculas. i did however on many occasions use a Sikafloor PUWB, A great waterbased Poly urethane with a matt Finish. never let me down. Never had any troubles with this poduct. I tried other matt coatings but always have come back to PUWB as it really is a good product.

Cool thanks will check it out

Cool thanks will check it out and maybe give it a try. How is it pricewise. We usually pay about $600 to $700 for 20 litres of two part sealer.

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if you have an account with

if you have an account with sika it will be about $575other wise about 600 from danly's or your typical sika suppliers. get about 200sqm out of the kit so its fairly good value.

Sounds good will give it a go

Sounds good will give it a go for sure. Thanks

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Lindy A.
If you are seeking a

If you are seeking a proven/time tested high performance Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea (PAP) in New Zealand, Australia, and some areas of South Pacific, I suggest you contact Graham Wallace at Lesa Systems  They are now Flexmar Coatings  distributors there ... product being: Flexmar's High Solids NextGen 93% polyaspartic/PAP  On August 25th they will be hosting a contractor demo that showcases Flexmar's PAP (I don't know the location of the demo, you will have to contact Graham).  Flexmar's NextGen High Solids PAP has virtually no odor, up to 25 minutes working time, 0 VOC's, classified as non-hazardous/eco-safe, and is applicator friendly in areas/climates which experience high relative humidity factors on interior or exterior surfaces. 

Either click on Flexmar Coatings banner/linked page here on the DCF or go to  website  (long standing valued DCF site sponsors) for detailed information, where you can also watch prep to completion videos, acquire tech/data specs, etc ... contact: Jack Bracco/President & founder/formulator directly ... or drop me and email: for prompt response based on my personal/professional experience with Flexmar going back 10+ years

In reference to low gloss ... PAP's are formulated to have a high/reflective gloss; however, there is an successful method to lower the gloss, all the way down to a satin or matte (be it a floor or concrete countertop) ...

Deglossing a Flexmar Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea (PAP) countertop...

Apply automotive polishing compound on the dry/cured out PAP (wait approximately 5-6 hours after final coat has dried to do so; dry time is usually 1 hour, all the way down to -30F) ...then use a polishing bonnet on a orbital and held electric car wax buffer ... you can easily take the high gloss down to a satin (or even a matte) finish following this procedure.  In doing so you are making micro-fine abrasions on the PAP that you can't see with your eye; but, will reduce the gloss in a very effective manner. (DO NOT use automobile rubbing compound, it is too aggressive)

Deglossing a Flexmar PAP floor...

If you want to reduce the high gloss of PAP on decorative concrete floors (of course they must be a smooth substrate, not a textured or stamped one) then apply fine finishing compound that marble & terrazzo refinishers use then go over floor with standard floor buffer with buffing pad.   Another method is to use a low speed floor buffer with a black pad over the surface then follow with a white pad (I have been told that this will degloss the sealer (PAPs and aliphatic urethanes as well).

Outcome of all the above...

Will not scar the floor, instead will provide a easy and uniform way/means to degloss a Flexmar PAP surface, decreasing the light refraction to achieve a satin appearance, without using deglossing agent/additive or any type of chemical.  

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good to know lindy thanks.

good to know lindy thanks. only problem is im fairly certain that thier prices are going to be to expensive for a lot of jobs. Generally about $35- $40 material cost per sqm for a PAP floor. we just dont have enough compitition in this part of the world to make a pap floor viable in a lot of cases. Except in some circumstances where speed is needed paps are just too expensive. i will follow him up tho for sure so i appreciate your post.