Ceramic tile over metallic epoxy with Polyaspartic coating

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I had a very bad man ruin my acid stain floor. He wanted to make it look better and used the wrong acid. He must of had a recent stroke because he lost his ability to tell colors apart. Anyway, I then used a metalic epoxy with a PAP coating. Not my best work. I am now surrendering to ceramic or marble tile. Is there a civilized way of doing this for a DIYer? I am talking about 2000sqft of house with furniture and 1 man (total)? Thank you for not laughing too loudly.

Mike Antonetti
You need to probably remove

You need to probably remove any coatings/sealers in order for thinset to lock into slab. You may be piling on poop, when the tile fails, it's an even bigger mess. Call Mapei, see what advice they tell you, I'm interested!

There is nothing to laugh

There is nothing to laugh because i also suffered related to the dying problem. Thanks for the post Yianie. it worked for me too.

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your interest.  I did call MAPEI and also the McKinnon, the epoxy manufacture of the product originally used.  McKinnon stated that the surface would have to be roughted up with a 20-30 grit, metal screen on a low RPM floor machine.  Avoid high rpm floor machines becuase the surface will be too smooth.  You want to scratch the surface.  MAPEI  added that the surface should be cleaned and primed with their ECO PRIM GRIP.  Its rolled like paint, but there is sand in it, then use Ultrflex 2 or Ultraflex 3, depending on the size of tile that you use.  These products are primarly designed to install ceramic tile ON TOP of ceramic tile.  McKinnon also said that what ever you decide, try it in a closet with 1 or 2 tile and give it 24hrs.  Try to then left the tile up to test.

Thank you for your interest

In addition, I was told to use a sand screen 20-30 grit until there was color in the dust. This will insure that all the PAP protective coating is gone. The ECO PRIM GRIP is applied with a 3/8" nap roller. Also, the ULTRAFLEX 2 is sold by lowes under the name Porcelian Modified grout and ULTRAFLEX 3 is sold by another name, but I did not write it down, sorry. Good Luck!!!