Advice on bad overlay job

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I had a grind, overlay, stain and seal done to my basement floor this past fall. Within about a week, dark patches were appearing in the overlay. Within two months, bubbles had started forming under the sealer. I've attached photos that show the current state of the floor as of January 2016.

I contacted the concrete contractor when the dark patches appeared, and he said he thought there might be water under the concrete pad, but he didn't come to check out the worksite. I contacted him again when the bubbles appeared. I didn't hear anything from him the second time, but one of his employees eventually came to the worksite. This employee basically repeated that he thought there was water under the pad, which is too bad, but that I need to pay the balance of the invoice for the job anyway. 

I have since had several other concrete contractors out to the worksite to offer advice on repairing the floor. All agree that the existing overlay will need to be removed, and that the project will need to start from scratch. The contractors I've spoken with also pointed out that the contractor who did the work did not list a moisture-mitigating primer in his list of materials. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. One of the contractors I spoke with said a moisture-mitigating primer should have been mandatory in this case, and all agree that it should have been part of the discussion prior to starting the job.

My questions for the forum are: 1) Should the contractor have used a moisture-mitigating primer in this job?; 2) Does the contractor have a responsibility to repair his work?; 3) Or should I cut my losses and hire someone else to fix the floor?